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eCommerce Site  eCommerce Site Sample eCommerce Site (not required)  
Federated Authentication Federated Authentication Federated Authentication  
Lab 1 Hello World First ASP.NET WebSite  
Lab 10 AJAX Time Zone Clock Create an international time zone clock using AJAX  
Lab 2 Hello Universe Use CSS, HTML5, and your MasterPage to make your site look great.  
Lab 3 Help Desk System Create a simple web-based help-desk ticketing system  
Lab 3.5 Programming Short Programming Assignment  
Lab 4 Google Analytics Integrate website tracking  
Lab 5 Database Integration intro to SQL Server Management Studio  
Lab 6 Helpdesk DB Integrated your Helpdesk web app with your DB  
Lab 7 Application Design Practice application design principles  
Lab 8 Session Variables Pass information from page to page  
Lab 9 Ticket status updates Allow an analyst to update and close a help desk ticket   
Midterm FA 2016 Midterm Create a prototype  
Navigation DropDown Menus Navigation DropDown Menus How to get dropdownlists in your navigation menu for a cleaner design.  
PowerBI-Google Analytics Dashboard PowerBI-Google Analytics Dashboard Use PowerBI to create a Google Analytics report and embed in your ASP.NET site.  
Publishing final project Publishing final project How to publish final project.  
Showing 17 items