Example of a well done student resume Google Site

Create Google site

    1. Log in to your Google Account
      1. Students, Log in to with your student Z-ID credentials.
      2. Faculty/Staff, Log in to your personal GMAIL account or one that you might have created for the purpose of teaching or work.
    2. Visit
    3. Select CREATE
    4. Select a Blank Template, Warning - DO NOT USE A GALLERY TEMPLATE!
    5. Enter a name for your Site. (a good practice is to use your Z-ID)
    6. You may select a theme.
    7. Select CREATE.
      1. Student sites will be created in the domain On the next page, select Public on Web.

Create an Advanced Google Site.

Integrate Google Analytics for website tracking.

    1. Create a Google analytics account
    2. Log in to your Google Account
      1. Students, Log in to with you student Z-ID credentials.
      2. Faculty/Staff, Log in to your personal GMAIL account or one that you might have created for the purpose of teaching or work.
    3. Visit
    4. Select Sign in, then Sign up
    5. Give the Website a name
    6. Paste your website URL into the Website Name field
    7. Complete the rest of the information
    1. Find the Property ID, right under your site name, and copy the Property ID to your clipboard

    1. Go to and open up your site from Tech Ex 1
    2. Click the More Actions drop-down menu and select Manage Site.
    3. Under the Statistics section, Click the box next to Enable Google Analytics for this site
    4. Enter your Analytics Web Property ID in the associated box.
    5. Click "Save."
    6. Back in Google Analytics select the Reporting button from the top then Real-Time, Overview from the left pane.
    7. If you’re on your website right now, you see at least one visitor. That’s you.
    8. Explore the different reports, we’ll come back to Analytics later.

Add a Google Group Discussion Board to your site

    1. Visit Groups.Google.Com
    2. Select CREATE Group
    3. Create a Group Name, notice your Group email address
    4. Select Web Forum for the Group Type
    5. The default permissions allow anybody to view posts, but only members can post and reply to posts. Those are sufficient
    6. Select CREATE
    7. Select Add a topic and start posting
    8. Before you post something, open another browser tab, go to your favorite Internet technology news source (mashable, engadget, techcrunch, and cnet are all great), find an interesting technology article, copy the link, paste it back in your Google Group post body, add sentence or two about the article. Select POST
    9. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar
    10. Go back to your Google Site
    11. Insert a new page, call it Tech News
    12. With your cursor in the main text box, select Insert, Group, paste in the URL to your Google Group, OK
    13. Save
    14. Example:

Add a Google Calendar to your site

    1. While logged in with your NIU Gmail account, visit Calendar.Google.Com
    2. If this is your first time in the Google Calendar, you’ll have to click through a few screens.
    3. On the left pane, select the down arrow next to My calendars, and select Create new calendar. Call it OMIS 351.
    4. Check Share this calendar with others, Make this calendar public.
    5. Create Calendar
    6. Switch to Month view.
    7. In the left pane, ensure just your OMIS 351 calendar is selected
    8. Using the syllabus your guide, create calendar events for all assignment due dates and quiz dates.
    9. Easiest way to create events is by clicking in the date box that you want to create the event for, then typing the event and hitting enter.
    1. Once complete, go back to your Google Site
    2. Create a new page, call it Calendar.
    3. Select Insert, Calendar
    4. Select OMIS 351
    5. Select, Save, Save
    6. Should have something like this now:
    7. Note: It appears that you must be logged in with your NIU Gmail credentials to view the calandar, even if you select ‘Make this calendar public’

Add a Google Map to your site

    1. Back in your Google Site, logged in with NIU Gmail acct, add a new page
    2. Call the new page ‘Location’, Create
    3. Insert, Map
    4. Enter the city/state you were born in
    5. Save

Embed a Survey

    1. From, logged in with your NIU Gmail acct, create a new Form
    2. Give it a name, and create a 2 question survey on whatever you’d like.
    3. At the bottom of you survey, check the box to Publish and show a link to the results of this form to all respondents
    4. Create a new page, called Survey, in your Google Site, and insert a Document, and select your new survey Form.
    5. Should look something like this:

Add Videos

    1. Add a new page in your Google Site, called How To
    2. Separately, browse YouTube for videos that demonstrate how to do something that you’re interested in (e.g. Play guitar, download music, dance.. etc)
    3. Copy the link
    4. Back Insert, Video, YouTube
    5. Give a meaningful title
    6. Repeat until you have at least 4 video
    7. Example:
      1. Save.

Using a custom domain name

Just in case your interested in changing your google site to YourOwnDomainName.Com

How to Forward your GoDaddy domain name to Google Site

How to Verify your domain on the Google Side