The OMIS 475 final project is an option that can be selected as an alternative to taking a final exam.

Summary: The goal of the OMIS 475 final project is to use your own idea for a web-based application and demonstrate what you learned in 475. Examples of web-based applications could be: A store, restaurant, a tracking system, a membership system, a dashboard/reporting system...

The requirements for the final project are:

  1. 1-3 team members per project
  2. 3 webpages per team member
  3. Some database interactivity (CRUD capability)
  4. Professional appearance
  5. 5 minute presentation to class
  6. Emailed presentation slides that include team members name, and URL to website, as well as a copy of all your code pasted into a word doc.

100 points total

75 Points; Properly demonstrated at least 5 techniques learned in class (HTML 5, validation, javascript, server controls, response.redirect, session variables, CSS, DB, etc...)

15 Points: Database interactivity

5 Points: Professional Appearance

5 Points: Presentation given May 7th in class.

If you elect to do the Exam, and a Final Project, you will receive up to 60 points for both, making the total possible points 120 out of 100.