Lab1: OMIS 475

Huskie Works HTML Page

Google Docs Version


Use what you’ve learned about HTML to create webpages as seen below.


    1. Create 5 HTML pages, using the Cloud9 IDE.
    2. The 4 sub pages should all be linked from the homepage.
    3. The image should be linked to the homepage, from every page.
    4. The highlighted bold text should be the title of each respective page - and not included in the body.
    5. Post your homepage URL to Blackboard Lab 1 assignment.
    6. I will be using Developer Tools to view the HTML, and expect to see something created by you, and not Microsoft Word or another HTML generating tool.


    1. Use your resources, the slides, and the web. There will probably be a couple of things you’ll need to Google. I should not need to help.
    2. Once you create the homepage, copy and pasted the HTML to the new pages so you only have to modify content rather than re-create the structure.
    3. The highlighted text should be the title
    4. You may use any operations oriented image you find on the web.


25 Points – Due end of class 1/22


Business Process Management page

Manufacturing Strategy Page

Operations Process and Transform Page

Supply Chain Management Page