OMIS 675 Final Project

For the OMIS 675 final project your team will solve a business problem* using a web-based application that allows an end user to interact with a database through an interface. The site must also allow for the administration of information through an administration page. Must be able to Create, Read, Update, and Delete information.

In some cases I will allow a project that doesn't use the ASP.NET/SQL Server stack, but the project must meet the same complexity levels laid out below.

*Business problems can be simple make-believe business/organizational issues. Some examples might be:

· Increase product sales by creating an e-commerce site.

· Increase reservations to your bed-and-breakfast by creating an online reservation site

· Increase sales at your restaurant by creating an online ordering site.

· Reduce software errors, and increase customer satisfaction, by creating a site to allow users to enter and track software issues.

· Increase time to resolution by creating a mobile friendly web-form that allows your field technicians to enter issues in the field from their smartphone

· Increase member retention to your church by creating an online membership registry that allows churchgoers to register with their email and receive reminders about events (weddings, picnics, services).

· Create a website for your local neighborhood watch organization where neighbors can register, report and discuss suspicious behavior, and organize events.

Specifically, your application (website) must contain 4-12 web-forms (4 for each project member). Each web-form must perform something unique and most of them must interact with your database. Some examples of web-forms in an e-commerce site:

1. Home page

2. Product Catalog (Reads product information and images from DB)

3. Shopping Cart

4. Check Out (Inserts order information into DB)

5. Confirmation

6. Administration Screen (View and update orders from DB)

For the select one-person teams, there must be at least enough screens to allow for users to input data, and you to manage the data. That’s two of your three screens.

Additional requirements include an in-person presentation 5 minutes in length where your team will briefly discuss the business problem you solved and demonstrate your web-based application. Each team member should explain their contribution to the project. I also require a report to be uploaded to Blackboard by one team member. The report should have a one-page executive summary listing your team members, your business problem, and how your web-based application addressed that problem. The report should contain a screen shot of each web-form as well as a database diagram visually describing your database design. Please include the hyperlink to your site, and a user name password if required.

Grading criteria:

This extra 10 points is designated for developers that implement features that I did not specifically teach in the course. For example, you might implement Jquery, AJAX, javascript, to achieve a more interesting UI.

These are "stretch" points, so I will need to be impressed for you to achieve a score above 90.

Due last week of class