Lab 1


Microsoft Azure VM Setup - OMIS 675

Leverage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to host your web applications. Google Doc Version

25 pts. Due by end of class 1/22

Create Azure Account

    1. Visit
    2. Select United States, and enter the Promo Code assigned to you. Submit
    3. NOTE: If you do not have an academic pass, you may select the 90 day trial.
    4. NOTE: this academic pass, valued at $1068, entitles you to the following resources:

Windows Azure

2 small compute instances (VMs)

35GB of storage

50,000,000 storage transactions

10 Shared WebSites

10 Shared Mobile Services

SQL Azure

Two 1GB Web Edition database


750 Service Bus Relay hours

250,000 Service Bus Messages

Data Transfers

8 GB in

8 GB out

    1. Sign In. You will need a Microsoft account for this. If you don’t have one, you can set one up here . Hint: You can use a non-microsoft email address to create the account if you choose. Please document your password if this is a new account! You will need it later.
    2. Enter your information


Pass is valid for 150 Days from the date when your account is activated. You will have the option to keep your resources alive for a fee.

All DATA is WIPED at end of 150 Days

Reminder/expiration warning emails will be sent

T-15 days

T-10 days

T-3 day

T-1 day

    1. Accept the Terms of Use Agreement.
    2. You should see this message

    1. NOTE: This process could take 2-3 days so the sooner you do this, the BETTER. It will likely be much quicker, like an hour.
    2. Confirmation , and other related, emails will be sent from, so make sure you’re not blocking this with a spam filter. They will be sent to the email address you used to register with.

Create a Windows Server Virtual Machine

    1. Click on the ‘developer portal’’ link from your confirmation email
    2. Take the 30 second tour.
    3. Create a new Virtual Machine by selecting the Virtual Machines tab then the + sign in the bottom left corner
    4. Select Quick Create.
    5. Give the server a DNS name. Anything that works for you works for me.
    6. Select the Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Select a Medium Size. NOTE: The academic pass is limited to 2 cores. If you’ve already created a VM, this one will fail. If you haven’t, this will be the only one you may create with this subscription level. As an FYI, a VM this size w/ 100 GB storage would cost around $125/month.
    7. Assign an user name and password. DOCUMENT THIS USER NAME and PASSWORD
    1. Select CREATE A VIRTUAL MACHINE when complete. It will take a few minutes to create.
    1. When the portal shows that creating is complete, select the Connect button at the bottom of the screen
    2. This should download an RDP connection which you can launch and login as Administrator with the password you created above.
    3. You should get logged in to your OWN Windows Server 2012 Datacenter desktop. This is your VM to play with for 5 months, but we’ll want to do a few things with it to accomplish our class goals.

Install Web, Application, and FTP Server Roles

    1. From the Server Manager Dashboard select Add roles and features
    2. Next, Next, Next.
    3. Select Application Server, then Web Server (IIS)
    1. Select Add Features at the prompt, Next
    2. Select .NET Framework 3.5 Features, Next, Next
    1. Select Web Server (IIS) Support. Select Add Features.
    1. Next, Next
    2. Scroll down and select FTP Server
    1. Next, Install
    2. Grab a drink of water; this will take a little while. Select CLOSE when complete.

Congratulations, you’ve setup a web, and ftp, server!

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