Lab 12

Executive Dashboard - OMIS 675

Google Docs Version

Use Charts to summarize your server status’, your ticket status, Add quotes feed from Yahoo Finance – follow your 5 favorite companies. Add your own business news widget. Due 4/9

    1. Use Charts to summarize your server status.
      1. Before you get started, create a folder on the C drive of your web server called TempImageFiles.
      2. Create a new web form called Dashboard (make sure to select your master page)
      3. Insert a 4 x 3 Table into the MainContent area of your page.
      4. Create the following labels to define the sections
    1. Expand the Data toolbox, drag a Chart control to the cell below your Server Status label
      1. .
    1. Set Chart Type to Column
    2. Create a new Data Source
    3. Configure the new data source, use a custom SQL statement.
    4. Your goal for this chart is to display the number of servers that have a ‘DOWN’ status for each of your applications. I used the following SELECT Statement.


FROM Servers


Group by APP_ID

    1. Your test query should look something like this. Keep in mind that for this to work you’ll need servers that have a down status. Shouldn’t be too hard to make this happen using your System Tracker. PS. Remember the server status is case sensitive.
    1. Set your X and Y Value Members as shown
    1. In your chart’s properties, ensure the Palette is set to None. Type RED into the PaletteCustomColors field.
    1. Save, and visit your site on the web. Should look something like this:
    1. Now create a new chart that shows the same information for servers that have a ‘WARNING’ Status. Use yellow for the series color. Create this in the next cell
    2. Use Charts to summarize your INCIDENT status.
    3. Using what you learned above, create a Pie chart that connects to your incident table and displays your OPEN and CLOSED tickets.
    1. Should look something like above.
    2. Yes, you’ll have to tinker with the custom query.
    3. Grading note: I will be changing the status of your tickets, and servers – so please ensure all your labs are working enough to accommodate that
    4. Add a news/quotes/stock ticker feed from Yahoo Finance
    5. Google ‘Yahoo finance widget’
    6. Follow the instructions to add your 5 favorite companies, and to embed the widget in the lower left cell of your table. Hint: put your cursor in the cell, then go to source and paste the code in.
    7. Incorporate a business news widget
    8. Search the web for ‘business news widget’. Find something you like and embed the code.
    9. Hopefully your site is looking something like this now.