Lab 7

Ticket Report Filter - OMIS 675

Use databound controls to filter what is displayed in your Tickets report screen - 10 points – Due by end of class 3/5. Google Doc Version

Modify your existing Tickets form

    1. Open your Tickets.aspx form in Visual Studio
    2. Put some space above your Gridview.
    3. Drag a DropDownList above the Gridview

    1. Databind the Dropdownlist to the Status table. Enable AutoPostBack
    1. Modify your Gridview to display tickets that are equal to the status of the dropbownlist. Sort the droplownlist so that OPEN appears first (2 points).


10 Points for a working assignment

0 Points for a non working assignment

5 Points off for every time I have to help on this assignment - Hint: You know how to do this.