OMIS 675 Syllabus

Fall 2014

Internet Computing Applications

Instructor: John Kearsing (kearsing@niu.edu)

Class Meeting Times: Wednesday 6:30 - 9:10 PM

Office Hours: BH328B, W 4:45 - 6:20, and by appt.

Location: BH 310

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Internet Computing Applications is a development-focused course. We will learn the concepts and practices used in developing business oriented, web-based, applications. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET 4.5, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, will be used extensively in this course.

Student Websites:

Course Objectives:

    • Understand the concepts of web-based application development
    • Develop web-based, business-oriented, applications
    • Learn how to use MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Server.
    • Learn the basics around software development planning and design


We’ll be doing extensive lab work. Please bring your laptop to class. If you have a Windows laptop, please load the following free software:

    1. Visual Studio Express for Web 2013
    2. Filezilla FTP Client

Textbook :

ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB


The percentage breakdown of your final grade is as follows:

60% Hands on Development Labs

5% 4 Quizzes Discussion Board posts and comments

10% Midterm Project

25% Final Project

Late Assignment Policy

Each day late - 10% down to 50% max

Help Policy

    • Please know that you will have problems.
    • If yours is a technical problem, like an error, please ask a classmate before you asking me. You may also post to the discussion board. This means that you must also help other people. Any job in MIS will require helping others, so it’s good to get used to this.
    • After you’ve asked at least one person, come see me at my desk with your question
    • If there is one person at my desk, write your name on the board and continue to work on your problem from your seat until that person leaves.
    • I cannot stay any later than 9PM, no exceptions.
    • Use my office hours, and I do help remotely so please email me or post to the discussion board.

Detailed Course Schedule


Discussion Board Topics

This is new for me, so hang with me here, but I’m going to post 10 discussion board topics this semester (each worth .5 points). They will consist of an online article to read, and some questions. Please leave your response in the form of a 2 or 3 sentence response. You will have one week to respond.


The Midterm will be a combination of questions from the 4 prior quizzes, and a short development assignment.

Final Project and Presentation

In lieu of a final exam, each team (2-3 members) must complete a final project and deliver a 5 minute presentation on their project. The final project must encompass the body of knowledge you have obtained over the course. Projects are expected to be database driven, business oriented, web-based applications. More on the Final Project http://www.kearsing.com/omis-675/finalproject

OMIS Class and Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend class, be on time, and take active part in all class discussions. Please turn off your cell phones during class.

The OM&IS Department believes that student academic success is enhanced by good classroom attendance. The following Attendance Policy was developed in an effort to be consistent and to inform students of the attendance expectation in the department.

    • No missed exams, quizzes, or other in-class assignments, announced or unannounced, can be made up at a later date. Students missing class sessions in which exams, quizzes, or other assignments occur will receive the grade of zero for the missed work. It is the instructor’s sole discretion to either permit or not permit students to complete special make-up assignments prior to the class session(s) in which work will be missed. The sole exception to this is the case of an emergency absence, for which the student will be allowed to make up the missed work if the student so requests within one week of the absence. Students failing to request to make up the missed work within one week after the absence will receive a grade of zero for the missed work.

· Students may request an emergency absence for the following reasons:

    • illness or medical emergencies
    • death in the family
    • Emergency absence requests must be in writing to the OM&IS department chair (Dr. Chang Liu) within one week of the emergency absence and be accompanied with appropriate documentation explaining the reason for the absence, e.g., physician letter, newspaper obituary notice, etc. The instructor will notify the student of the decision made regarding the emergency absence request.

Students are advised to plan and use their allotted non-penalty absences wisely. Employment interviews should be scheduled outside of class time, as they are not acceptable reasons for approved absences.

Students who arrive after attendance has been taken will be penalized as missing a portion of the class as determined by the instructor. If you arrive after attendance has been taken, it is your responsibility to make sure that at least a portion of your attendance is recorded.

Courses with One Class Period per Week