Corporate Culture

Post date: Oct 23, 2013 11:09:52 AM

Having worked a while at two distinctly different organizations, with two distinctly different cultures, I often wonder what's in the water that makes the environments so different from each other, yet so similar within themselves.

I woke up this morning wondering who in an organization is most responsible for the corporate culture, and as this article more or less confirms, it's upper management. The layer that defines the vision, enforces the values, hires the people, and practices what they preach. Without strong upper management, your organization might suffer from a bad corporate culture, and corporate culture has a strong correlation to job satisfaction

I wonder if there are organizations that can change the culture from the bottom up. This article makes a ground up approach seem like the only way.

Google's take on company philosophy, summed up in 10 rules

What these articles don't mention is that the culture is likely influenced by the nature of the work an organization performs, the success of that company, and how satisfying the work is for the members of that organization.