Video of the Day: Genesis of Google: 11/26/2013

Post date: Nov 26, 2013 4:08:37 PM

It's amazing what you can find, and learn about, on Youtube. I've learned how to play blues guitar, harmonica, and have watched countless educational presentations. Every time I find myself engaged in a video, I always think I should be watching more. I find myself wondering how people would have learned this stuff before the web. As part of my personal continuing education I am going to try and watch a video every day - something insightful, educational, and occasionally entertaining. I'll post the video here.

The video of the day today is a Google video. For all of the reading I've done on Google, I've never watched the two founders (Brin and Page) speak. This video catches them at a time before Google was the massive company it is now. Even though this was posted in 2007, it was filmed in 2004 as a TED Talk. They seem young and very much like engineers wanting to talk about their projects, and the problems they are working on solving. There are a few anecdotal tidbits about how Google works, but this video has its merit in the fact you get a glimpse into the personalities of two the men that will likely be the Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin of future generations.