Windows on Top... on the deskTop

Post date: Oct 7, 2013 2:46:02 PM

Just in case you work with OS elitists and think that Macs, Linux, or Chromium, are taking over the desktop, and/or server market share, have a look at these market share numbers. 90% Windows

Desktop OS Market Share

Windows also dominates on the Server Side, though not as strongly.

Windows Server Market Share

The case is not closed though, as trends show a major increase in mobile platforms being used for traditional desktop tasks - web surfing, email, shopping etc. The big players <cough, cough, Google> might think the desktop is dead,and the mobile OS battlefield is where to fight.

On the mobile OS front, Windows is like a rifle platoon fighting against an armored tank division. Percentage wise, Windows phone is just a scant 3.2% of all smart phones. Not a significant number, until you consider that the number of mobile phones will exceed the world population . The ComScore article also indicates that 145 M Americans posses a smart phone... My math says that 4.6 M Americans are using Windows Phones. Though, probably not quite, since its primary market is Europe - where Windows Phone boasts an 8.2% market share.